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Star series f 22lr

Star series f 22lr

Local Listing Results Show All. Local Listing Results. Searching for your Local Listings Sorry, there are no results in your area. Please try a new zip code and search again. Hide Local Listings. Refine Your Search. Sort by Gun : GA Sales: 9. Star Model F 9mm. This is a very nice Spanish made Star Model F 5in in 9mm.

All matching parts stamped with last 3 digits. Just some light holster wear. I am selling this one on consignment and as s This is Star Super A pistol chambered in 9mm Largo and made in This pistol has a 5 inch barrel with shiny rifling and comes with one magazine. The proof marks have commercial GA Sales: Star B Mfg 9mm Luger. This is Star B pistol chambered in 9mm Luger and made in This pistol has Spanish proof marks and wooden grips and is overall in great shape.

Star Interarms BS 9mm Luger. All the hardware is gray with a lovely bluing on the slide and frame.

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The grips are plastic. This pistol co Photo is representative, but buyer will receive an equal grade frame from the same lot and similar date as the one in the photos. This is a pistol frame, so FFL is required. Here a CZ FS Ebony. Used CZ Excellent condition.

star series f 22lr

Discontinued Features a classic Bavarian-style Mannlicher stock, steel muzzle cap and a 3-position safety.We have resumed order fulfillment. For the health and safety of our employees, we are operating with a limited staff and it may take up to 5 weeks to fulfill your order. At this time, we no longer accept orders over the phone and Canadian orders. Notifications Close. Manufacturers Star F. Star F.

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Star Firearms

Part Key: 2. Recoil Spring, 3. Part Key: 3. Firing Pin. Part Key: 4. Centerfire 1. Part Key: 5. Part Key: 6. Extractor, Used, Original Product : B.

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Part Key: 7. Part Key: 8. Part Key: 9. Part Key: Trigger Product : Trigger Assembly, Used, Original Product : Trigger Pin Product : Trigger Plunger Spring Product : Sear, Used, Original Product : A. Sear Bar Product : B. Sear Pin Product : Ejector, Used, Original Product : Ejector Pin Product : Hammer, Used Factory Original Product : Thumb Safety, Used, Original Product : Safety Plunger, Used, Original Product : Bob's Gun Shop Inc.

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star series f 22lr

Or Order Now! Place Order. Or Print an Order Form Turn the pistol upside down. Where the. Star Model "D" Garcia. Click Picture. Ejector Pin Hammer Spring Pin Sear Spring Sear Pin or Spring Pin Sear Bar Trigger Pin or Spring Catch Lock Spring Slide Stop Extractor Spring or Pin Firing Pin Front Sight Rear Sight Firing Pin to Match for Variations.

Star Starfire Star Model D Star StarletWillwood 28 Apr Subscribe Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Firearms projects - Willwood Star Firearms F series. Why firearms finishes are so important. Tumbling gun parts.

star series f 22lr

Stevens Shotgun project "Twins "Update. Stevens Shotgun project "Twins "Update Pt2. Slugging the Lone Wolf conversion barrel. Stevens Shotgun project forearm repair. Prepping the wood stocks for my first hydrodip. Grendel P12 disassembly. Grendel P12 magazine release install. Argentine Mauser Bold Trigger install large ring Mauser action pt. Pietta cap and ball Army.

Derringer Grip inserts modification. Derringer test fire after grip inserts installed. AR15 project We have an ejection door. Argentine Mauser project. Light Weight AR15 payday gun project. PSA lower AR15 ultra light build stock and grip. Palmetto State Armory,16in pencil profile mid-length gas system barrel. Raven Arms.I notice we get a lot of hits to this page, and I'd like that to stop.

I encourage you to take any info here with a grain of salt, and to visit the series home page for the best info I have published at this time. When you click on a link, that will return the series page. Every model in that series is covered on those pages. If its not explicitly covered, that is because I don't have enough information, or its such a minor variant that there is no need to discuss it separately.

Always refer to the chart below first. It has lots of the information you want, like dates manufactured. Note: Series names are of my own devising, and are not factory information — Some may draw distinctions or similarities that are not true, and these may well change in the future. In fact, they already have. I previously thought there was more relation between the C and F than there now appears to be. Read more detail on ammunition for older pistols.

Important Safety Notice: Be sure to use the correct ammunition. These are old guns, and the wrong ammunition could cause a catastrophic malfunction, with consequences including serious personal injury or death. F F Sport. F F Target. F FTB. F FR Target. Pre Apparently just an exposed hammer version of No.

Star Firearms

Hammer block safety.Since the dawn of organized weapons makers and armies, the purchasing governments have demanded a system for assuring that the products live up to their promised specifications.

This practice became most organized, and earned the name of "proofing" with the advent of firearms, when armor plates were proof tested to assure their resistance to proof against early gunfire. A representative sample of each lot of weapons is tested with a proofing cartridge, which has vastly higher pressure than the normal specifications. If the weapon survives a certain number of these, it passes, and all weapons in the lot get the proof mark to certify they meet the government's minimum expectations of function and safety.

Though the US government has inspection processes for military goods, there is no proof house of any sort for domestic US gun makers.

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Yes, that means there are essentially no standards. Most other countries, do, including Spain. The model S photo to the left shows the typical location and appearance of proofmarks on Star pistols.

There are 3 on a typical commerical arm, and four on a typical military arm.

38 super colt v.s 22 star pistol

Note that most will not be hilited in white as these are. In fact, yours may be quite hard to find or read. The Spanish government set up a proof house in Eibar starting in From onward, the proof mark additionally was accompanied by a letter code, indicating the year of proofing.

There are 28 letters or letter-combinations, as explained in the chart below. Every 28 years or so there are inexplicable gaps they start a new series, by adding a number to the end of the letter codes. Though there was another one operating for a short time in the early s, Eibar is the one and only Spanish government proof house for most of the 20th century.

Although I do not specifically address it, this should therefore work for Astras, Llamas, and any other handgun. I am not sure the same coding scheme is used for long arms, but try it and if it sounds right, it might be. As seen below, there are four possible marks on any Star firearm. Three are proofmarks, and there is a fourth that is a Spanish military acceptance proof.

Although many other countries have military acceptance marks as well, I do not know their design; if anyone does know for sure, please send me a good quality photo or other reference information. The three proof marks indicate receipt at the proof house, passing of proof, and the date of proofing. I do not know when the date is added, but note that it is not exactly the date of manufacture, but the date of proof, which is always later.

Probably the same year though, so its a good guide. As implied above, with proof date codes, you can get an accurate and reasonably precise date on your Star pistol. Just use this handy translation code list. The first three years of proofing were reportedly somewhat confused, so dates of manufacture may vary widely from the stamped date. Additionally, no proof date code means only "pre" not "pre The Spanish government proof house set up 28 letters or letter-combinations that replace years, starting in There was no proof house in Eibar before Though this system works fine for the Eibar-based Star, use care when trying to proof-date a gun by another Spanish maker.

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Other regions have different proof houses with different marks and codes. Proof marks are often very shallow, and in obscure places, like far up the trigger guard. You might not notice them unless looking, under bright light, at low angles.All weapons listed on this site are grouped into one of about 20 groupings. These groups are of my own devising, and while as accurate as I can make them, are not precisely picked up from the factory.

I could be wrong. I have been in the past. Below is a simple list of all the classes. Most are self-explanatory, but if you have trouble, go to the next tab on finding your model number.

Or, just peruse the long list of weapons by caliberwhich has some more information, but is broken out by every variant so is very long. A lot of the time I spend answering questions — I mean good questions, by people who at least try to read the site — is communicating some basics about how Star made or sold pistols.

I am not going to cover information detailed other places, like how to find your model numberhow to find the date of manufactureand other stuff. Look at the tabs across the top for these. Parts, spares and accessory dealers are in the Information tab.

The Star factory considers most guns to be in one of two categories, either "commercial" or "military. Domestic is the critical word here. Firearms built for issue to a government outside of Spain are still generally considered to be "commercial" models. This is why the "Miliary" Model and the "Commercial" Model B can both have been issued to government troops.

To keep things simple, for myself mostly, I use these terms in the Star manner, so don't be confused. Almost all "classic" era Star pistols, basically looking guns, were made in both original and Super variants. The super models were almost always sold alongside the original style pistols, and did not supplant them.

They are easily identifiable, aside from markings, from the takedown lever on the right side; conventional pistols will require removing the slide lock pin entirely. The Star factory continued the traditions of Spanish arms makers in their love of the custom arm as well. There are many examples of finely engraved Star pistols, especially smaller guns as presentation pieces.